How do you make chocolate from cocoa beans? What is the true taste of chocolate? And why does the Zaan region smell like cocoa?
At the CacaoLab | DropLab you will find out.
By listening, tasting, feeling and smelling. And also by winnowing, cracking, tapping, grinding, grating and crushing.


The CacaoLab is located at the riverbanks of de Zaan and stands in between the windmills. This is the location where cocoa beans have been ground and chocolate has been made, for two centuries.
If you are looking for good quality chocolate and cocoa, cycle by! The store is open.




Summer break

The Dutch are currently enjoying Summer break. What better time to enjoy quality licorice!  

CacaoLab is open again

Are you visiting the Zaanse Schans? Do stop by CacaoLab for an ice cream, original Dutch stroopwafel or quality chocolate and licorice. We're looking forward to welcoming you in our Corona-proof shop!