About us?


Everyone at CacaoLab lives and breathes chocolate. How is that possible?

The initiators are Sabien Poutsma and Pauline Gingnagel. They have been living in the smell of the cocoa industry of the Zaan region, for years. This inspired them to start CacaoLab.

All employees of the Cacaolab, have found a passion for an aspect of cocoa. They developed into a chocolatier, chocolate connoisseur, workshop teacher or storyteller on the history of chocolate and the industry of the Zaan region.

Employees of the Cocoa Lab cannot stop talking about flavors, cocoa countries and cocoa innovations. They will let you get to know the product from A to Z. In the Kan you are liwed to touch, smell and taste! 

In 2014 Sabien and Pauline started Zaans Gedaan. The CacaoLab  (CocoaLab) was one part of it. Later, the DropLab (LiquoriceLab) was added to the company. The name was officialy changed into CacaoLab|Droplab, in 2020. The young company experienced rapid growth and now has a broad experienced, professional team.